Webinar Replay

Rosters Can Get Complex. Here’s How to Simplify Them.

You already know that using rotating rotas (or rosters) is an effective way to be fair and equitable to drivers, since drivers rotate through each roster line and each have the same workweeks at different times. Plus it’s easier to assign duties to drivers when multiple drivers can be slotted in. But what happens when complexities creep in?

What about when you have different groups of drivers with different break rules? Or when drivers are cycling through different types of duties – for instance, alternating between early and late duties each workweek? How do you make sure they get enough rest time when a late week is followed by an early week?

In this webinar, we’d like to share some guidelines on how to simplify the rostering process, while being sure to take all the rules into account.

You’ll learn how to:

  •  Build rotating rotas (rosters) faster, even if they’re complex
  •  Make sure your rotas uphold all driver break rules
  •  Support multiple union requirements for different groups of drivers
  • Prepare for last-minute driver substitutions