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Is Electric Bus adoption only about finance and engineering? What about software?

In Europe, in spite of COVID-19, electrification of bus fleets is still continuing. We must continue to drive cleaner air and energy adoption. Experts, however, focus on the physical vehicle and infrastructure and the actual day-to-day operation is forgotten.

Since scheduling EVs is complex, the use of software should be taken into account. Operators are complaining of the complexity of EV scheduling, saying that their teams have had to go back to paper “as its been so tough to schedule these new buses”.
You will learn:

  • How to manage a gradual rollout of E-Busses. What does it mean?
  • And what to do for a 100% EV fleet
  • How can I manage timetable changes or PVR increase/reduction?
  • How do I get close to the same level of frequency as non-EV options?