Webinar Replay

Efficiency in public transport – how can it be measured and does it matter at all post COVID-19?

In this webinar, we will discuss efficiency as well as whether it is of importance post COVID-19 with its reduced ridership and, in some cases, service.

There is no one golden rule of measuring and comparing efficiency across transportation networks, but everyone agrees on the importance of efficient schedules, both for on-time performance as well as to create better outcomes for drivers.

January's public transportation service looks unimaginable today. The ridership numbers, the goal of running full buses, the congested roads. As public transportation creates post-COVID-19 exit scenarios, new requirements will need to be dealt with: different congestion levels, delivery of essential services, crowding control, scheduling according to ridership, and frequent service changes. We will examine the scheduling and planning considerations related to these issues, and re-evaluate the efficiency question in this light.

With Sheldon Cowie and Roni Floman