The future of mass transit. Today.

Quickly generate multiple scenarios with powerful fixed-route planning and scheduling

For Public Transit Agencies and Cities

Plan, design and create the routes, timetables, and schedules that will form the backbone of your transportation network.

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For Public Transit Operators

The world’s largest operators use our platform for routes, crew and vehicle scheduling and rostering (rotas).

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For Shuttle Operators

Employee shuttles and other shuttle operations can be delivered at a lower cost and higher quality of service.

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The world’s largest operators have chosen Optibus in more than 450 cities worldwide

Optibus Runs Core Mass Transport Operations

Our advanced optimization algorithms, machine learning and simple and intuitive user interface help the world’s leading transportation providers deliver better service for passengers and increase driver satisfaction, while lowering operational costs.

Proven Savings - in Real Life

Optibus shows the financial implications of each and every decision, reducing costs significantly​. Optibus models your transit network at the most granular level – generating a quality schedule and highlighting the business KPIs generated by planning and scheduling decisions.

Robust and scalable (and super fast)

Optibus supports the world’s most complex transit operations: it can model any type of constraint, operational preference or regulatory requirement, across thousands of vehicles. Our customers don’t just plan or schedule with Optibus; they use us for daily optimization of vehicle and crew schedules.

Data Driven

With the strongest algorithms in the business and machine learning muscle, we turn your operation into a smart, data-driven business. We take real-time data (AVL, passenger count and more) and use it alongside our optimization algorithms. The result: a real plan that’s robust and based on the realities of your operation, and not a plan that only works on paper.

Up and Running in Days

Welcome to the new world of software-as-a-service: quick, web-based and modern. Our user-friendly software doesn’t just save scheduling and planning time, it also saves IT resources, since it’s deployed on the cloud, with continuous feature improvements. Most importantly, our customers are up and running in days, not months.

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Generating COVID-19 Alternative Plans For Transit Operations

With the COVID-19 virus disrupting the movement of people around the world, we’ve been getting requests from Optibus customers about how to prepare alternative service plans to deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic.

What You Need to Know About Electric Bus Scheduling and Operations

Electric vehicles are a new technology that present public transportation agencies and operators with a host of new challenges and questions about maintenance, utility charges, planning and scheduling

Next Generation Scheduling With Optibus at Nassau Inter-County Express

Learn how Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE) modernized its planning and scheduling software, and how such platforms help deal with the challenges many agencies are dealing with.